Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ankle sprain first treatment

Ankle sprain is a common injury since the ankle is a very mobile joint. An ankle sprain is a stretching of the ankle ligament due to a sudden twisting of the ankle, and most often when the feet turn outward. The sprain often happen while playing sport, but it can also happen just walking regularly, or climbing stair. They are categorized in 3 grade, related with the damage of the ankle. Grade 1 is when the ligament is overstretched but not torn, and the ankle is stable. In grade 2, the ligament is partially torn, and in grade 3 the ligament is completely torn, and instable.

The symptoms of an ankle sprain, is swelling, bruising, stiff ankle joint, pain, unability to bear weight on the joint, and in grade 3 instable ankle. It is important to start rehabilitation of the ankle quickly since a non treated ankle is prone to re-injured, and you could have chronic ankle problem. The treatment depend on the severity of the sprain, going to just a little rest and exercise in grade 1, to wearing brace, in grade 2 and to wearing a cast or even a surgery in grade 3. In more severe sprain, it is important to consult a physician, and take an x-ray, to rule-out fracture.

For treatment, remember the word RICE

R: Rest. Avoid walking on the ankle
I: Ice. 10-15 min, every hour, placing the ice in a wet towel.
C: Compression. In an elastic bandage.
E: Elevation. Elevate the ankle above the level of your heart.

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