Sunday, September 12, 2010

Strong back, and good posture with core muscle exercise

The core muscle, are the muscle that stabilize your posture. It include the abdominals muscles, the back muscle, and the pelvis muscle (butt). It is important to keep them very strong, because weak core muscle, will cause, an imbalance when you move, wich will eventually cause, low back, pelvis, knee or hip problem. We have to do specific exercise in order to reenforce them.

Walking is a good general exercise for core strenghtening. But what I usually recommend to strenghtened those muscles is the stability ball, also known as the exercise ball or the swiss ball. One easy exercise you can do, is to just sit on it, watch tv, work, while sitting on it. Start with 15-30 min. and increase your time as you feel more confortable on the ball. Just sitting on the ball require you to keep your balance, and eventough you may not feel it, your muscle are working. There is many other exercises you can do on the ball. The next 2 videos shows you more exercise. There is also many books on the subject. The 4 point exercise, is a very good exercise to perform ( the first video ). Just remember to start slowly, and to contract the transverse, which are the abdominal  muscle located at the pelvis, and don't forget to breath.

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  1. Good for a core workout, bad as seat replacement.
    Tried the exercise ball route for a couple of years. The only thing I've found that helped was a walking treadmill desk.

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  3. After a year of trying I finally added back the fats and cut the carbs down to less than 75 grams/day and voila I lost the final 30 pounds effortlessly in about three months.

  4. Thanks for the video on how to work out w/ an exercise ball. If one starts working out with this ball slowly, the exercises may start to become less strenuous on the body. Good read.