Friday, January 21, 2011

Magnesium: a natural remedy for anxiety

With the pace of life right now, anxiety is becoming more and more prevalent. Anxiety is define by Wikipedia  as a psychological and physiological state charactertized by somatic, behavorial, emotional and cognitive component. The syptoms varies from heart palpitations, muscle weakness, tension, fatigue, nausea, chest pain, shortness of breath, stomach aches and headache. The treatment by MD is anti-anxiety drug, but those drugs have a lot of side effect. Learning breathing and relaxation technique can help, as well as certain herb like passion flower and valerian root, but be careful, those herb can also have side effect.

But magnesium, is an effective, low cost and safe anxiety remedy. Magnesium is a mineral nutriant, that acts as a muscle relaxant and nervous system relaxant. A deficiency in magnesium in our alimentation, is known to increase the symptom of anxiety. The food that contain magnesium are: rice bran, coconut water, buckwheat, kelp, cashew, molasses, pumpkin seed, cocoa powder, and brazil nut.

In the case of anxiety, it is suggested to take it as a supplement. Start with 200 mg per day and increase the dose to the most effective dosage. Most people have a marked decrease of symptoms between 400-800mg per day. Too much magnesium will cause loose stool, in that case decrease the dosage.

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  1. wow! is this for sure? if so, I'll check on what more magnesium can do. But as for natural remedies for anxiety is still effective.