Thursday, January 13, 2011

Best sleeping position for good back and good rest

We often don't realize that we spend or wish to spend one third of our day sleeping. People often wake up with sore muscles, often wandering what happen during the night. There is a couple of factor to check for better rest. The pillow, the bed and the position we take while we are sleeping, are the major factor for a good night sleep. This article will focus more on the sleep position. In futur post, I will talk about bed and pillow, since I am often ask those questions in my office.

1. SIDE LYING: Sleeping on your side with your knee slightly bent and a pillow between your knee, is the most beneficial for your body. In that position, your body rest in a neutral position, and all the natural curve of your spine are preserve, and the muscles are in a relax and resting state. I srtongly suggest that you put the pillow between your knee, even if it feels akward at the beginning. Putting that pillow, will prevent you to fall on your stomach while you are sleeping, and keep your leg and pelvis together.

2. ON THE BACK: Sleeping on your back, is not a bad position, if you put a pillow underneath your knee. Not putting any pillow, will decrease your  lumbar curve (your low back) and put a strain in the lumbar and pelvis muscle and the sciatic nerve. Also, if you are prone to snooring, it will increase it It could also increase your sleep apnea, if you suffer from that condition.

3. ON THE STOMACH: Lying on your stomach, is not good for you. It put a major strain in your neck, because you have the head turn on your pillow all night, in order to be able to breath. It will also put strain in the low back, hyperextending it. I know it may feel comforting sleeping on your stomach, but the chronic strain that it place on the body, is worth breaking that habit. When you see you go on your stomach, come back to the side or back, and eventually, you will not go to your stomach anymore.

Just remember that, in order to have a good and restfull night, your body has to lie in the most neutral position as possible. Sleeping is a way for our body, to recharge our battery. Don't you think it feels good starting the day well rested, and ready to attack the task ahead. Good Night !!!

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