Sunday, September 12, 2010

How to manage stress for student?

I remember when I was in college, my friends were reacting to stress on different ways. There was one who literally was sick before every exam, another who seem to forget everything that he learn, and other like myself who handle it pretty well.

In school, there is many stress factor that the student has to face everyday. They have to face both, the transition phase of there life and  the load work of term paper and exam. There is some habits and exercises, that student can learn and apply, to help them cope with the stressfull student life.
  • Study habits and organization skills: The student need to be strctured, having an agenda, and prioritize, what is important first, learning to say no, to certain activity less important. Being well prepared for his test. Not waiting at the last minute will decrease is stress.
  • Being well rested, especially before an exam. Drinking coffee all night, preparing for the morning test will not help.
  • Eliminate unnecessary stress, for example bad relationship, job...
  • Have a support system.
  • Eat well.
  • Do exercise.
  • Laugh
  • Listen to music that relax you.
  • Take a hot bath.
  • Do meditation and breathing exercise. When you start feeling the stress, be aware of how your breathing, and try to take deep breath, it should calm you. At home, meditate, either in silence or with a CD, with guided meditation.
  • Hypnosis.
  • Seek outside help, if you feel overwhelmed.
But most important, enjoy yourself. College year should be a great time of your life. Simple habits can help you get the most of these year, and to succed well in school.

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  1. Apart from meditation (meditation being part of yoga), Yoga asanas or any other physical exercise could help relieve stress.

    Taking a walk in the park and, say, feeding birds is another stress diminisher.

  2. Actually I downloaded the Hypnotherapy cd and learned to manage stress.