Monday, January 24, 2011

Neti pot to relief chronic and acute sinus conditions

The neti pot is a small container that look like a small tea pot or a magic lamp. It is use to clean, irrigate and drain the sinus passages, relieving all kind of sinus condition. It was first use by yoga practionner, to clean the sinus before doing pranayama ( intense breathing from the nose), but now it is prescribe by EENT ( nose doctor ), and can easily be found in drugstore. The conditions that can be help by the neti pot are: chronic sinusitis, rhinnorea, and allergy syptoms.

The way it work, you fill the pot with a saline solution, and you put the spout in your nostril, turning your head toward the pot and bending the head slightly forward above the sink, while breathing through your mouth. It may feel akward at the beginning but it is very easy to use, and very effective to clean debris from the nasal airways.

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